As one of the earliest professional international education institution in China, Cogdel Group has operated international education programs successfully for 20 years.

  • British-Chinese Education Company, the predecessor of Cogdel Group, was incorporated. It helped Chinese students draft a plan for studying abroad in the UK and handle related business procedures.


  • An International Foundation Year (IFY) program commenced. China’s first international department of middle school was set up at Chengdu No. 7 High School. Later international departments of 14 middle schools in China were set up and operated one after another.


  • A Graduate Diploma (GD) program commenced. The group cooperated with Chinese universities in running internationalized schools.


  • The “Thousand-Person Career Guide” Plan was carried out to provide occupation information, vocational skill training, overseas and domestic internship and job opportunities.


  • Global leading financial and economic practicing qualification accreditation programs, such as ACCA & CIMA programs, were taught. Subsequently, the group cooperated with more than 40 Chinese colleges/universities in teaching undergraduate and graduate Finance and Economics curricula.


  • China’s first “StandOut Global Engagement” Comprehensive Quality Curriculum Research and Development Center was established to serve as a bridge for students’ personality development and comprehensive quality cultivation.


  • The international curricula developed by the group that integrate Chinese style with foreign style were accepted by many Chinese and American schools. Credit points of Chinese and American curricula were accepted mutually by Chinese and American schools.


  • The group became the promoter and standing director of China Education Association for International Exchange, Middle School Branch, responsible for international education jobs appointed by the branch.


  • The group won the bid for Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau’s governmental procurement project. It provided “foreign teacher lessons” more than 40 middle schools and primary schools in Suzhou, pushing forward internationalization of local elementary education.


  • The group signed a cooperation agreement with American TESOL Institute. Both parties established American TESOL Sichuan Management Center jointly to carry out TESOL certificate-related training and accreditation business.


  • The group cooperated with National Institute of Education Sciences and Institute of International and Comparative Education of Beijing Normal University in implementing several research projects.


  • The group and National Institute of Education Sciences built China Financial Literacy Education Synergy Innovation Center jointly.


  • The group’s academic research and development center, Cogdel Research Institute, started the research and development of several academic projects, including international understanding, teacher training project, etc.


  • The group became several American schools (including Calvert)’s only academic quality supervisory and reviewing institution.


  • Introduced the Leadership Course led by former US President George W. Bush


  • Comprehensively carried out innovation and entrepreneurship education services towards universities


  • Established Cogdel School brand and successfully opened Changsha Cogdel School


  • Signed MOU with the English Assessment Department of Cambridge University


  • Cogdel School Wuhan Opened


  • Cogdel School Chengdu Opened

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